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Plasterers Cardiff


At Amaya construction, we offer you internal plastering and house rendering services in Cardiff. With our team of experts, we ensure that you get all services we provide in a short period and charges that will not constrain your budget. We work with the understanding of the customer desires in addition to our expertise. Here are the services we offer:

Internal Plastering

At Amaya Construction, we have dealt with the internal plastering services for an extended period. Plastering is typically required for any new house constructed. If you want to refurbish your old house walls, we also extend our services in helping you achieve a better environment. Our services are excellent in smoothening the walls using our different available materials and apparatus.

External Rendering

We offer outer house or building rendering service. The external outlook of any building has a significant impact since it gives the first impression to any visitor. We offer the service through various finishes types. We give you the best of the choice you make. Some of the finishes include Tyrolean and Pebble Dash. For Tyrolean, we use a power-operated the machine in giving you an output that not only decorates your building’s external outlook but also strengthens it. Pebble Dash involves rendering the wall (wet) and placing small stones referred as the “pebbles” as a form of decoration.

Floor Screed

Amaya Construction provides you with floor screed service. Screeding is an essential step in ensuring that you live in a home with a long-lasting and high-quality floor. There are various screed floor varieties. Our experts enrich you with knowledge concerning all available options to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Floor Tiling and Wall Tiling

Our floor tiling services offer you an opportunity to upgrade your house with modern tiling. We have a collection of tiling varieties that can be desirable to you. With our high standard and quality flooring tiles activities, you will enjoy a lifetime easy cleaning and maintenance of your floor. Our tiling services are always affordable and worth hiring.

Additionally, we also offer wall tiling service for your homes, offices and commercial premises. Our team of experts assures you of fast and accurate service. With wall tiles, the house appearance is boosted and easy to maintain high cleanliness standards.

Coving and Cornice Fitting

Our coving services are aimed to improve the room’s styles. Additionally, we seek to see you live in a warmer environment. Coving is usually a moulding intended to top a room’s wall part near the ceiling. The coving comes in different designs and sizes. We help you to get the best style that fits and upgrades the look of your home. We have several stock lists that we work with to give you the best and exact coving of your wish.


We offer house improvement services painting. Our team of experts offers you this service according to meet all your requirements. We also provide advice on best designs you can have in addition to colours suitable for specific places. We help you to select the best paints, and then we offer quality service that includes surface preparation. We use a strategic approach to ensuring that we leave your room at its best.

General Roofing Work

At Amaya Construction, we offer you the roofing services, especially for maintenance. We make any replacements needed. We also repair destroyed ceilings, and if need be, we help you in replacing with new and better ones.