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Kitchen Fitters Cardiff


Have your perfect kitchen now!

You don't need to keep dreaming about a perfect kitchen. That professionally designed, beautiful and organised place to cook can be part of your home or food business.

Here at Amaya Construction, we provide every step needed to fit your kitchen. This includes:

planning the layout and design
electrical installation
worktops' installation
decorative clads or panels
For your home

And what if you have an 'L' or 'U' shaped kitchen? Great! We can work on specific measures and custom projects in order to create the design you want with the functionality you need.

A custom project can make a huge difference especially for smaller places, that usually require optimized positioning. Depending on the layout, even the cooking is more pleasing when everything is placed in a practical way.

For example:

The cooking unit can have an attached storage for pans and pots.
Installing a garbage bin under the worktop allows you to easily throw away food waste.
Having the dishwasher installed close to the sink will optimize the plumbing.
For your food business

But if you want to fit a commercial kitchen, you need to follow the guidelines for food premises. For example:

The decorative clads and panels should be made of materials that prevent mould.
A ventilation system should be installed to prevent the excess of heat, steam and cooking smell.
The filters of the ventilation system should be washable or disposable so that the dirt can be easily removed, keeping the system functional.

Truth to be told, there's a lot more of requirements for a food business, but you already have too much to do. So let such details with us. We're experienced with these guidelines and we're always up to date with the changing laws.

Why you shouldn't DIY

For both cases, residential or commercial kitchen, you may be thinking that it isn't so difficult to do the electrical installation and plumbing.

But the question here is not how easy it is. The real concern about DIY is your safety or the safety of your staff. The wrong cables and plumbs can cause accidents and that is the last thing we want.

Besides that, the right electrical installation can provide you with an efficient energy system, which can help you cut energy costs. This is why counting on our qualified electricians, plumbers and engineers is the best option to fit your kitchen.

Get a quotation for your kitchen project now!

Planning is essential for a successful project and of course, that includes the budget. And the first step, before choosing any design, is to get a quotation.

You can call us on 029 21900 218 and get a quotation for your kitchen project. We can help you anywhere in South Wales. And if you have any doubts, just fill the form bellow and send us a message.